Entirely Happy


When I said yesterday that I’d be “entirely happy” the first time it snowed this season, I wasn’t expecting it to snow the next morning, but it did:

Yes, only a dusting, and it didn’t stay around for long, but it was still a nice way to start the day, even though Tracie had an appointment early this morning and hence I had to sweep the snow from her car and the front steps.

Cool Weather, At Last

Gotta interrupt my sporadic coverage of Japan to mention that the weather finally cooled off here:

It was a very long, hot year here. June was the hottest June on record, the spring was the driest spring on record, and the heat was unrelenting through the summer. I’ll be entirely happy to see the first snowfall.

Home Again

We’re home, after a long but uneventful return trip. I’ve made some notes about other things I want to write; new entries will appear over the next few days or so. (Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m gonna try really hard to actually do it this time…) Here are a few more snapshots for the nonce. They were all taken in Tokyo except for the one of Mt. Fuji, which I took on the train en route to Kyoto. (I’m reverting to using Flickr to post photos because the Gallery feature I used previously seems to not work.) read more