Snow Storm

I enjoy video editing in small doses, and snow in large doses, so here’s a couple of minutes of HD video of a snow storm that arrived here this morning:

(This is one of those very rare occasions in which a gratuitous animated transition seems appropriate.) Unfortunately about 3/4 of it was shot through a glass door. I tried opening the door a crack but that turned out not to be viable–snow started blowing in, and the wind was cold.

I, Too, Dream of Wires

There’s a documentary film in the making about modular synthesizers. I sort of assumed that everyone with any interest in synths had heard about it by now, but when I tweeted a link to the following recently released trailer I received several responses that suggested that maybe it’s not as well-known as I thought. So, in hopes of spreading the word and maybe generating a little support for this independently produced documentary, I thought I’d post the trailer here. It’s 12 minutes long; either you’ll lose interest pretty quickly and go elsewhere, or you’ll be totally engrossed and want to pre-order the DVD. You can guess easily which category I fell into.

There are a number of excerpts and other information at the official website. The title, incidentally, is that of a Gary Numan song from many years ago, from the album Telekon. read more

Audio Damage Releases Bitcom

Audio Damage recently released Bitcom, a new plug-in that couples an unusual digital distortion generator with a step sequencer. You could say that we’re getting back to our roots with this product; Bitcom damages audio like nothing else. Bitcom went on sale Thursday afternoon and has been selling briskly already.

Bitcom screenshot

You can read more about it, listen to some audio demos, and buy your very own copy for just $39 at the Audio Damage website. Also, the first review (that I know of) is online here at the new-and-nifty Voxcaliber music and recording news site; it also has some audio demos. read more