Audio Damage Releases Bitcom

Audio Damage recently released Bitcom, a new plug-in that couples an unusual digital distortion generator with a step sequencer. You could say that we’re getting back to our roots with this product; Bitcom damages audio like nothing else. Bitcom went on sale Thursday afternoon and has been selling briskly already.

Bitcom screenshot

You can read more about it, listen to some audio demos, and buy your very own copy for just $39 at the Audio Damage website. Also, the first review (that I know of) is online here at the new-and-nifty Voxcaliber music and recording news site; it also has some audio demos.

Followers of Audio Damage may have noticed that it’s been a long time since we released a new product, so yeah, it’s both a relief as well as a pleasure to share this news. Why, exactly, it’s taken until now is a long story. Maybe I’ll get around to telling it, maybe I won’t. Let it suffice for the moment to say that 2012 was a rather difficult year for Tracie and myself.

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