Amazing Rain

It’s 1:55AM and Boulder is flooding. There are evacuations in the mountains near town, several structures up there have collapsed, and one dorm on campus is knee-deep in water. The tag #boulderflood is number 3 on Twitter’s trending list. The NCAR station a few miles from here has logged 5.5 inches in the last 24 hours:

weather (2)Something I never even imagined seeing: road closures near our house, which is far away from the designated flood zone:



So far everything’s okay here at the house. The road closures near here must be the result of combined runoff, not of Boulder Creek rising (which, according to a Tweet I saw, is “…┬árunning at 4,000 CFS. Normal flow runs around 300-350 CFS.”). All of that 5.5″ of water has to go somewhere, after all. There’s a big irrigation ditch just downhill from the house, so I’m not particularly worried.


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