End of the Storm

It rained some this morning but was clear and sunny from around 11:00AM onwards. Quoting from the Daily Camera:

Meteorologist Matt Kelsch said the yearly precipitation total hit 30.14 inches Monday. The previous record for moisture in Boulder in a single year was 29.93 inches, set in 1995, he said. … This year, almost 15 inches of the record 30.13 inches fell between Monday evening and Friday in the deadly storm that caused a 100-year flood across Boulder County. That amount doubled Boulder’s previous record for a single storm, which was 7.37 inches of rain May 5-8, 1969.

Tracie and I consider ourselves very lucky. There are eight people dead and more than 700 are still unaccounted for statewide, as of Monday afternoon. We’re not part of those statistics just because we happen to live where we live.

It makes one pause and think a little.

By adam

Go ahead, try to summarize yourself in a sentence or two.

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  1. Hi Adam and Tracie
    So happy to see you guys are ok. You have obviously been on my mind. Wow were you lucky. From the pictures I thought all of Boulder was beyond flooded. Thank goodness you are ok. How scary it must have been. And what a mess now. Hang tough. Big hug…best wishes…Jackie

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