In Kyoto

We traveled from Tokyo to Kyoto by shinkansen yesterday. We’ve traveled by train in Japan dozens of times without incident, but this time I somehow managed to leave a suitcase on the train. I’m claiming distraction due to a local fellow striking up a conversation with us while we were en route. This led to a somewhat drawn-out and faintly confusing encounter with the Lost & Found office in Kyoto Station. When we arrived at the hotel, we described the situation to the receptionist. She took matters into her own hands and arranged to have the suitcase delivered to our room sometime today.

After that we went to Sanjusangendo in the afternoon. (I described our first visit to Sanjusangendo here some years ago.) We didn’t linger long outside of the hall because it was fairly hot and–uncharacteristically for urban Japan–there wasn’t a vending machine to be found. So, we headed back to the station and spent part of the remainder of the day visiting an acquaintance at the tea shop.

Here’s a photo of a bunch of school kids at the edge of the station, probably visiting Kyoto from some other city. There were three groups of this size.IMG_0001

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