Tokyo Desu

We’ve been back less than two weeks and I miss it already. I recognize almost all of the locations in this video:


Last Photos from Japan

As you may have surmised from my Twitter feed, we have returned home. The trip was excellent–very relaxing, no trips to the emergency room, no brush-with-death experiences. We were, as always, sad to leave.

There was a taifun passing not far from Japan during our last days there. It was probably responsible for some amazing skies we saw from our hotel-room window, including a double rainbow over the Sky Tree on the last evening and a spectacular sunrise the next morning:
IMG_0133 processed

IMG_0138Speaking of the weather, on the way home we flew straight into the first winter-like storm of the season as we descended over the Rockies and hence encountered some rather awful turbulence. I very nearly tossed my proverbial cookies, but at least it woke me up for the following drive home from the airport. read more

Ramen With Rafael

As he put it, dinner with our friend Rafael at the Ippudo ramen restaurant is now a traditional part of our visits to Japan. Here are some photos from a couple of evenings ago.

2013-09-29 17.48.00 2013-09-29 17.48.19 2013-09-29 17.48.51

Silliness in Asakusa

2013-10-01 16.09.39

Did some shopping in Ginza and Asakusa today. Why is it that I consistently find shoes more interesting in Japan than in the US?