2013 in Review

I’m not gonna get carried away with a massive examination of the previous 12 months, but enough things happened in 2013 that a bit of retrospection seems appropriate. Any of the following items are worthy of a blog post in themselves, some have been detailed here previously, but many haven’t been mentioned here. I think the cumulative effect of it all knocked the wind out of my blogging sails.

In no particular order, here are what stand out as the most significant events–on a personal level–of 2013. read more

We Are Sans Email

Due to a couple of computer disasters, Tracie is currently without email and my access is severely impaired. I’m so frustrated that I don’t even want to talk about it; let it suffice to say that yesterday was the second worst Christmas Eve I’ve had. (The worst, should you be curious, was last year’s, during which I watched helplessly while Tracie was doubled over in pain in the waiting area of a hospital pharmacy due to trigeminal neuralgia.)

So, if you need to get ahold of us, use the phone or Apple Messages. Hopefully I’ll have things sorted out by tomorrow, but it’s Christmas, after all, and there’s things I’d rather do than wrangle computers. read more