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Wow, time flies. I could offer a lengthy explanation of why I haven’t managed to post anything for four months, but it’s actually a pretty short story. First, I’ve been working a lot–“a lot” as in 6-7 days a week since mid-December. I’ll have more to say about that project soon; it’s the Audio Damage sequencer which we showed at the Trash Audio meet recently. Second, most of March and some of April became devoted to caring for ailing cats. That in itself is a long story which frankly I’m just not inclined to write up. Let it suffice to say that instead of taking our customary spring vacation in Japan, we spent a week making twice-daily visits to one of our cats at the specialty hospital while he recovered from a life-saving surgery, then several more weeks of helping him recover at home, followed by another week of helping a different cat recover from dental work. No, it wasn’t fun; yes, it was very expensive. But our cats are our family, so (as the saying goes) whaddya gonna do?
Anyway, this is all a roundabout way of saying that I’ve got some posts planned for the near future (say over the next week or so, realistically). The first one will be snapshots from the Trash Audio meet.

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