Snapshots From The Trash Audio Synth Meet

Anything that happened two weeks ago is ancient history as far as the internet is concerned, but nonetheless here are some snapshots I took at the Trash Audio synth meet [announcement here and follow-up post here; the latter has a video with a lingering shot of my forearm]. I had every intention to at least introduce myself to all of the other manufacturers, but we got a slightly late start setting up and once the doors opened to the public it was busy. Aside from a few bored-looking individuals who I took to be the significant others of some attendees, I think it can be said that a good time was had by all. Chris and I certainly had a good time, taking turns demoing our stuff and answering questions while the other retreated to the outdoors for an ear break. (The organizers of the meet very sensibly prohibited the use of loudspeakers, but it was loud nonetheless–unavoidable in a large room with hard surfaces and lots of enthusiastic people all talking at once.)
Many thanks to Surachai, Mike, Steve, and everyone else who organized and/or helped. Thanks also to everyone who stopped at our table, and special thanks to my cousin Jesse and Rebecca for dropping by.

(If you click one of the photos, a nifty slide-show display should start up.)

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