Sunday Mornings

If you follow me on Twitter (either directly or via the sidebar on this blog), you’ve probably seen my “Sunday morning” photos. They’re snapshots of the back deck (usually), taken every Sunday morning (usually), and usually┬áinvolve flowers. I think I’ve been taking them for about a year or so. I never had any particular reason for taking them; mostly they’ve been an excuse to play with the filters in various iOS photo apps. Maybe they’ve also served as a sort of anchor of regularity, a moment or two of tranquility every week despite whatever else is going on.

Recently I realized that I’d like to be able to look back on them as a whole. I haven’t always used the same mechanism to tweet them, so retrieving all of them may or may not be possible. (I haven’t tried yet, honestly.) However, going forth, I’m using flickr to post them, on the somewhat tenuous theory that flickr may be the longest-lived public repository of photos. (This also means that they’ll be displayed┬áin higher resolution than before.) So, I now have a Sunday Mornings album in my flickr account, which will accumulate these weekly portraits of pots.
Sunday morning

By adam

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