Introducing Quanta

As one can easily see from the date stamps below, this is the first entry I’ve made here in years. It’s also the first entry in even longer which constitutes more than something of the form “here’s a photo”. I wrote a few paragraphs rambling about why this is the case, but they ended up seeming silly and unnecessary. Long story short: there haven’t been posts for a long time, but here’s a post now, and there may or may not be more soon.

The main point of this post is to mention that we (Audio Damage, that is) recently released a new software synthesizer called Quanta. It’s a sort of hybrid of granular synthesis and subtractive synthesis, with a bunch of unusually versatile modulation sources, full MPE compatibility, and a lovely UI. Here’s our video advertisement, thanks entirely to Chris:

There’s much more information about it on the Audio Damage website, of course, as well as a free demo version. We’re quite proud of it, and other people seem to like it, too: it set a new company record for initial sales.

By adam

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  1. Congratulations, and welcome back! Now, how’s your modular synth these days? 🙂

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