Troubleshooting Siglent’s Bode II Oscilloscope Utility

In hopes of saving someone from some head-scratching: if you happen to have a Siglent oscilloscope, and a Siglent signal generator, and you can’t get the two to communicate over USB while using the Bode II measurement feature of the oscilloscope, check the “GPIB” setting on the signal generator. It needs to be set to 1. For reasons unknown, it was set to 18 on my SDG 1025. Yes, it doesn’t make any sense because GPIB is a different interface standard than USB, and this particular signal generator doesn’t even have GPIB, but before I figured this out my SDS 1104X-E ‘scope would always report that it couldn’t find the signal generator. I looked for any setting at all in both instruments which seemed to be relevant, and finally set the GPIB number on the signal generator to 1 simply because 18 seemed like an unlikely value. After that everything worked. read more

Mic Check

No promises, as usual, but I’ve been thinking about blogging lately.

One thought was inspired by my cousin Jesse, in his recent, last post on Facebook before deactivating his account. I can’t quote him verbatim because deactivating an account, for better or for worse, causes all posts made with that account to disappear. (This brings up a related thought, which I’ll get to next.) The gist of it–and I hope that he’ll correct me if I’m misrepresenting his statements–was that Facebook, in the final analysis, just isn’t a good thing, and there’s only so long that a person with good intentions can continue to participate in it. As to why that’s the case, well, that’s a question for sociologists, which I’m not. He went on to say that seemingly we’re better off finding other ways to communicate with each other, convenient as Facebook may be, particularly decentralized ways such as personal blogs. read more