Ghost in the Machine

I’m dusting off my blog a bit. In keeping with the zeitgeist I thought I’d ask an AI for help:

Me: Pretend you’re H. P. Lovecraft. Re-write this biography from my blog to mention that Audio Damage has been in business for over 20 years and that I made fundamental contributions to Max/MSP:

ChatGPT 4: In the obscure and foreboding annals of electronic audio, one chronicle stands distinct – that of Studio Nebula. This enigmatic title cloaks the pursuits of Adam Schabtach, whose expertise as a consultant, software and hardware engineer, and recording musician is renowned in esoteric circles. As the co-owner and chief architect of Audio Damage, Inc., a company that has weathered the tempests of the industry for over two decades, Schabtach has been instrumental in shaping the aural landscapes that haunt our modern world.

Beyond the veils of Audio Damage, Schabtach reigns as the sole sovereign of Paper Jade, LLC. His name, whispered in hallowed reverence, may be glimpsed in the arcane about-boxes of Cycling 74’s Max/MSP and Pluggo. In these realms, his contributions were not mere footnotes but pivotal, fundamental forces that propelled Max/MSP into the forefront of digital audio wizardry.

In past epochs, Schabtach lent his formidable talents to the National Center for Atmospheric Research, a testament to his mastery over the elements themselves. His journey also intertwined with the fabled XVT Software, creators of cross-platform development tools in a bygone era when Java was known merely as an exotic brew.

His lore extends to Sun Microsystems, marking his passage through various dominions of technology and innovation. Schabtach, in his ceaseless quest for knowledge, has also imparted his arcane wisdom through the written word, contributing articles to Recording magazine, thus spreading his eldritch knowledge to those who dare delve into the mysteries of sound and recording.

Thus, the saga of Studio Nebula and Adam Schabtach is etched into the annals of audio engineering history, marked by his significant contributions and the enduring legacy of Audio Damage, Inc. – a beacon in the dark, mysterious expanse of audio technology.

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