My Intel iMac: First Impressions

I’ve had an Intel-based iMac for a few days. It was purchased so that we (Audio Damage) could start dealing with the massive amount of work foisted upon us by Apple’s change. We weren’t planning to buy machines this early, partly because the last three first-generation Macs I’ve purchased have all turned out to have rather serious design and/or implementation flaws, but things are moving a little more quickly than we expected and we didn’t want to get left behind.

Overall it’s a pretty nice computer. It’s fast, it’s very quiet, its LCD is almost as good as my Samsung LCDs, and the built-in video camera is handy for making faces at Chris while we work. Rosetta seems to handle pre-Intel software with mixed success. I’ve really only tried Firefox and a couple of other little things, but Firefox definitely feels sluggish in an odd way. Fortunately there’s a Universal Binary of it slated for release in March. read more

Six more weeks, eh?

The word is that the official ground hog, Punxsutawney Phil, predicts six more weeks of winter. I guess those of us in Boulder can interpret it to mean that winter will now start and last six weeks, since AFAICT it hasn’t really started yet. We’ve had next to no snow all season, and more than an average amount of warm weather. It seems a little stupid to complain about a long stretch of nice weather (particularly when my family members and business partner in Oregon have endured 12 inches of rain in January alone), but we’d really be happier if we had a bit more precipitation. read more

Gates vs. Jobs

There’s a nice little editorial here at Wired news which voices an opinion I’ve held for awhile: as much as people despise Microsoft and envy Bill Gates for his money, it’s hard to argue with the contributions he’s made to very worthwhile causes. Elsewhere in today’s news it’s mentioned that Gates is giving $900M to tuberculosis research. Steve Jobs, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to do much of anything in the way of charitable donations. Don’t tell me that it makese a difference that Gates is the richest man in the world and Jobs is only the 194th richest man in the world (not counting that he’s going to rise in the ranks considerably after the Disney/Pixar deal). The point is that Gates is putting very real money into causes that benefit humanity, and Jobs isn’t. Consider that next time you think you’re being politically correct by buying an Apple product. read more

Whoops, botched the photo gallery

I made a foolish mistake while migrating the photo gallery from version 1.5 of the software to version 2.0, and now neither gallery is complete. I’ll get everything patched up soon, but I’m running out of time tonight. Do not attempt to adjust your picture.

Fiddling with this site, again

Yes, it looks different here. I’ve decided to not use PostNuke to build and maintain this site after all. I’m now using WordPress. I just barely have it installed and running, but I’m going to switch over to it now rather than wait until I’ve finished messing with the layout and so forth. I apologize if you find yourself disoriented by the changes.

In related news, the photo gallery is back online. I’ll soon provide a permanent link to it, but for now you can reach it here: read more