Elephant Island cover

Elephant Island is my debut solo CD. Like glacial ice, Elephant Island moves slowly, imperceptibly at times, but reveals shimmering layers and shifting details upon closer inspection. Both soothing and haunting, Elephant Island is a suitable accompaniment for meditation, massage, thinking, reading, or simply being.

I composed and recorded Elephant Island in one continuous improvisation on a Sunday afternoon in December 2001. No later overdubs were added, and a minimum of editing was employed. A key component of this musical event was a custom audio software system I built which recreates the effects of long tape-loop delay systems employed by Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, and other ambient music pioneers.

RADIO PLAY: Elephant Island has received airplay on National Public Radio’s weekly space music show, Hearts of Space. It has also been played in local shows by a number of radio stations throughout the United States, and several stations in Europe.

ABOUT THE TITLE: Elephant Island is the name of a tiny island near Antarctica. During Earnest Shackleton’s ill-fated attempt to reach the South Pole in 1914-1916, 22 members of his crew were stranded on Elephant Island. They waited for four months for someone to come back for them after Shackleton and five others crossed 800 miles of ocean in a lifeboat.

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komposi003 cover

My first track released under the name Aizome appears on komposi003, the third compilation released by Positron! Records. There are also tracks by Amish Rake Fight, Atomica, Bounte, Micronaut, Milkfish, s.sturgis, Scanalyzer, and Sister Machine Gun. It’s quite a thrill to have my music released in such good company. You can buy the CD, buy individual tracks, and listen to previews at the shopPOSI web store.