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Photography is not permitted inside, but this does not mean that there are no photographic opportunities at Sanjusangendo:

image image image

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A typical Japanese public-service sign. The thinking seems to be that the mental image of having your fingers wedged in a subway door is pretty disturbing, so they lighten it up a bit by adding a couple of cute animal characters.


To Japan

Wow, no posts for over a month. The simple explanation for that is I’ve been working, arguably too much, on Audio Damage’s sequencer. However, that all came to a halt on Friday because we’re leaving for vacation tomorrow morning. We’re off to Japan for two weeks of visiting temples, shopping, sight-seeing, and so on. I’m going to try to at least do the one-photo-a-day blogging I did on our last visit. You may also see some activity on my Twitter and Instagram accounts, but no promises. read more

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Hey Ho

I saw this on the chalkboard at Whole Foods today:

I was indeed saddened by the news of the death of the last Ramone. They were a big favorite of mine during my teen years, for their humor as much as for their music. While I can’t say that I’ve listened to them much in recent years, it’s just sad that the world no longer has any Ramones at all.

Airport Day 2014

Not far from our house is the Boulder Municipal Airport. It’s a tiny airfield which mostly serves gliders and other small, private craft. During the flood last fall, it became the base of operations for the aerial rescues performed by helicopter. We didn’t know this at the time, but, being long-time admirers of flying vehicles, Tracie and I enjoyed seeing Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters flying in the area (despite the unfortunate reason for their presence).
Recently, the city of Boulder officially thanked the personnel for their efforts, at the biennial Airport Day open house. I jumped at the opportunity to see such aircraft up close and take some snapshots. I certainly never would have guessed that I’d ever see the dashboard of a Blackhawk from the pilot’s perspective. There were also a number of vintage WWII airplanes and other stuff on display, but it was pretty hot out there on the tarmac so I spent most of my time around the helicopters. read more

Job Satisfaction

If asked to describe what motivates the work I do, I’d say this: I like making tools for musicians. It’s profoundly satisfying to know that I make stuff that people use as part of their creative processes, their self-expression. The icing on the cake is when I make some sort of contribution to the activities of an artist whose work I personally enjoy.

Unlike many other companies, Audio Damage does not make public the identities of our customers, even the famous ones. We consider our transactions with our customers to be private, and disclosing their identities for the sake of promoting our products, while always tempting, is not something we do. However, every once in a while, the opposite happens: the customer mentions us. read more