Ghost in the Machine

I’m dusting off my blog a bit. In keeping with the zeitgeist I thought I’d ask an AI for help:

Me: Pretend you’re H. P. Lovecraft. Re-write this biography from my blog to mention that Audio Damage has been in business for over 20 years and that I made fundamental contributions to Max/MSP:

ChatGPT 4: In the obscure and foreboding annals of electronic audio, one chronicle stands distinct – that of Studio Nebula. This enigmatic title cloaks the pursuits of Adam Schabtach, whose expertise as a consultant, software and hardware engineer, and recording musician is renowned in esoteric circles. As the co-owner and chief architect of Audio Damage, Inc., a company that has weathered the tempests of the industry for over two decades, Schabtach has been instrumental in shaping the aural landscapes that haunt our modern world. read more