Japan 2007

In the spring of 2007, Tracie and I visited Japan. This was the first time either of us had been to this country (or any country in Asia, for that matter). I took along a laptop computer and blogged while there, making entries almost every day. Here are links to the entries, rearranged into chronological order. There are also links labeled “next ->” at the bottom of each page that will take you to the next page.

Mar 10: We’re Going to Japan!

Mar 30: We’re In Japan!

Mar 31: Tokyo According To Tamae-san

Apr 01: Kamakura

Apr 01: More Random Observations

Apr 02: A Day in Asakusa

Apr 02: Addenda

Apr 02: The Second Thing

Apr 02: This One is For You, Dan

Apr 03: Tokyo National Museum, Ueno Park, and Chinese Food

Apr 03: Goodbye, Tokyo

Apr 04: Greetings from Takayama

Apr 04: The Train Trip to Takayama

Apr 04: Complication

Apr 04: A Morning Stroll in Takayama

Apr 05: Special Report: Bikkle

Apr 05: Takayama Part Two

Apr 06: Further Complication

Apr 06: Japan: Land of the Cyber-Toilet

Apr 06: Off to Kanazawa

Apr 07: In Kanazawa

Apr 07: I forgot to mention

Apr 07: Signing Off for Now

Apr 08: In Kyoto

Apr 08: Kyoto Station

Apr 09: Tour of Kyoto

Apr 10: Nara

Apr 10: Heading Home

Apr 11: We’re Home

Apr 13: Special Report: Beverage Vending Machines

Apr 13: One More Beverage Machine Photo

Apr 15: Catch-up post: Tour in Tokyo

Apr 17: Wrap-Up Part One: Wheelchair Accessibility

Apr 20: Wrap-Up Part Two: Miscellaney and Conclusion

Apr 28: Photos from Japan Posted

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