Apr 04: The Train Trip to Takayama

I just flipped through the photos I took en route to Takayama, and sadly they’re mostly not very good. It’s quite difficult to take a photo of something from a moving train. Things move by so quickly (or rather you move by things so quickly) that by the time you see something interesting, decide that it’s interesting enough to photograph, ready the camera and frame and focus the shot, the thing that you were trying to photograph has already moved past. I shot quite a bit of video but I have no way to transfer that into the computer.

So, here’s what I have. This is a platform at the Tokyo Station:

IMG 1249

That’s a shinkansen on the right. Here are a couple of photos from along the way:

IMG 1304

IMG 1271

Unfortunately I’m now about to fall asleep so I guess I’ll have to call this good enough for the day.

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