Apr 06: Off to Kanazawa

We’re checking out of our hotel in 20 minutes and heading to the bus station to catch the bus to Kanazawa. As before, don’t panic if no new posts appear here for a day or so; it merely means that I’m unable to obtain an internet connection. Also, since we’re arriving early in the afternoon and leaving the next morning, I will probably scurry out to see a little bit of Kanazawa before I post again.

Tracie seems to be perkier this morning and while her hands are still very itchy and sensitive, the rash itself seems to have abated for the most part. Now she’s just hoping that our stash of emergency medicine, which is in our luggage that we forwarded ahead to Kanazawa, contains a tube of cortisone cream.

Update: she’s not completely taken with the BIDET function of the toilet. She says that it doesn’t really provide decent coverage, even on full pressure with oscillation engaged. She says that French bidets are vastly superior but adds, “I do like the butt-washer.”

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