Apr 10: Nara

Today we spent the day in Nara, Japan’s oldest capital city. Nara is home to a huge Buddha statue (even larger than the one we saw in Kamakura) housed in the world’s largest and oldest wooden structure. (I wonder about the “largest” assertion, though; I thought that the old blimp hangars in Oregon were the largest wooden structures.) It’s also home to about 1000 sacred deer which roam freely in the park and are completely nonchalant about the presence of humans. I have to finish packing so I’m going to post the following photos without further comment. We leave for the long journey home tomorrow morning.

IMG 2195

IMG 2238

IMG 2253

IMG 2271

IMG 2288

IMG 2291

IMG 2311

IMG 2349

IMG 2352

IMG 2368

IMG 2480

IMG 2484

IMG 2595

IMG 2628

IMG 2540

IMG 2562

That last photo was taken in a Noh theater which we visited briefly at lunchtime.

This may well be my last posting from Japan, unless I find some spare time tomorrow morning. It won’t be the last posting about our trip, though; I still have quite a few other photos I want to put up and more to say. Stay tuned to this channel…

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