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We’ve released an update to Axon, numbered version 1.1.1. If you have either version 1.0 or 1.1 you should get this update. It corrects a fairly annoying problem with Axon’s synchronization to the DAW’s transport which (cough, cough) was introduced in version 1.1 when we added the reset-on-stop feature. (Yeah, I know. Sorry. However, I believe this marks the first time in the seven-year/two-dozen-plus-products history of the company in which we’ve had to release an update to correct an error in an update, so I think we’re doing pretty well in this regard.) It also fixes a somewhat mysterious problem with preset menus present in some versions of Cubase on Windows and Cakewalk products. This is a very odd problem and we’re not completely convinced that we’ve solved it once and for all, but I can say that it solves the problem on my particular version of Cubase, Windows, the phase of the moon, etc. The problem doesn’t actually hinder usage of the plug-in in any way, so it’s a pretty minor issue.

2 thoughts on “Axon Updated

  1. Sorry for the spontaneous comment.
    Still to this day it’s not working. I went through a whole new install of Logic. I’m even considering reinstalling Osx.

  2. I deleted the previous comment thread because Chris told me that he’s been working with you on the problem. Now he says that you haven’t answered his most recent email…?

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