Yes, this is my obligatory wow-what-a-silly-date post. I am fond of mathematics, though, so it can’t be resisted. The date 11/11/11 rolls around only once every 100 years so I fully expect that I won’t blog about it again. Given that nobody could have anticipated blogging, or the technology behind it, on the last 11/11/11, I won’t even attempt to guess how humanity will communicate on the next 11/11/11. (Consider, for instance, that television is less than 100 years old, transistors are a little over 50 years old, and microprocessors are just under 40 years old.)

Also: a salute to the veterans. Even if I don’t agree with the leaders who sent you into war, I thank you for your service and sacrifice.

3 thoughts on “11/11/11

  1. Well put on all fronts… I got a little distracted around 11/11/11 11:11:11.11 (okay, I didn’t actually note the tenths and hundredths, and run my watch about five minutes fast anyhow…)

  2. I tried to get a screenshot of time.gov at 11:11:11, but I put my finger down on the wrong modifier key and was a second late.

  3. Neil Degrasse Tyson had a fun tweet about that, “Hey, now it’s 11:12 on 11/11/11. That only happens once every hundred years, too!”

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