Some Videos on SMT Soldering

I’ve run across a few videos demonstrating SMT soldering techniques. An online electronics shop called Curious Inventor has a nice collection of videos here which will show you how to solder SMD devices with relatively inexpensive tools. Their most recent video here shows how to drag-solder the pins of a 0.5mm pitch SOIC.

If you want to see how the pros do it, there’s a video here done by a certified instructor of soldering. It’s more of an advertisement than a tutorial, but if you watch closely you can pick up some pointers.

Having watched all of these, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I probably need to use less solder and more flux than I have in the past. Eric Brombaugh (who pointed out the instructor’s videos to me) mentioned to me that he often doesn’t use solder at all when soldering ICs to PCBs that have been HASL plated. He finds that there is enough solder left from the plating to attach the leads.

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