Apr 05: Special Report: Bikkle

I plan to post an entry here devoted to the wonders of Japanese beverage vending machines, but first I need to comment on just one particular beverage: Bikkle.

Someone I know told me about Bikkle. It was either Dan or Gregory, I think. (Any guesses, guys?) I have to admit that I mostly forgot what I was told about it, but the name stuck with me. I spotted some in a vending machine for the first time today and of course had to try it as a matter of sampling the local cuisine.

I think this one gets filed under “acquired taste”. Tracie was so amused by my reactions that she grabbed the camera:

IMG 1405

IMG 1407

IMG 1409

IMG 1410

You’ll notice that the color and viscosity do not shout out “drink me!” to the American palate. That’s not inappropriate considering the flavor. Frankly, I was at a near-total loss when I tried to describe it to Tracie. It smells pretty good–rather like caramel. Its flavor is almost beyond description, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. It’s not very strong. It has maybe a faint hint of lemon. It’s sweet and sort of milky. I haven’t a clue whether it’s supposed to taste like something specific. I found the Bikkle corporate webpage but it’s all in Japanese and I doubt the Babelfish translator could do anything with the image-based text.

So, if any dear readers out there can shed any light on the mysteries of Bikkle, post a comment here (or, if you don’t want to hassle with the anti-spam registration process, email me directly and I’ll post a follow-up entry).

I’ll confess that I did not finish the bottle.

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