Introducing Zed

While I was out at a business meeting on Friday, Tracie snuck off to the local Humane Society and was approached by some young, handsome hunk. She ended up bringing him home:


(Actually the story is a little longer than that; she came home without him, waited for me, we went back to meet him, had him tested for FLV, and then brought him home.) Meet Zed. He’s 16 pounds, 4.5 years old, fairly talkative, and quite outgoing once he makes your acquaintance. He’s still a little shy with Widge, having recently left a bad relationship, but we think he’ll adjust rapidly.

The original plan was to look for kittens to adopt after our upcoming vacation, but plans like this tend to go astray, particularly when you walk into the cat room at the Humane Society and some cat stands up and speaks to you as soon as he sees you. We’ll probably still end up with some kittens, but we need to let Zed settle in before we complicate matters further.

We didn’t name him, incidentally, but he does seem to respond to “Zed” and we haven’t yet thought of a name which seems better. He will, of course, accumulate a collection of nicknames as times goes by. Tracie usually addresses him as Zed-Zed and I’ve been referring to him as The Z-Cat.

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  1. What a hottie!! I think I would have had to pick up on him too!

    He appears quite comfy too!

  2. Those of us who have had the honor of being owned by big orange male cats know that they are the sweetest ones of all. Imperious, but sweet. Welcome Zed!

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