Weapon of Choice

I finished my x0xb0x today. Yes, it sounds like a 303.

Finished x0xB0x

Altogether it’s a pretty easy kit to build, although it does have a lot of parts. Building it reminded me how much more labor-intensive working with through-hole parts is compared to building something with SMT. I did make one change: I bought some longer LED standoffs because the 0.25″ standoffs that come with the kit position the LEDs almost flush with the panel, and I personally don’t like the way that looks. I also bought some nicer-looking knobs but they turned out to not work because their D-shaft orientation is opposite that of the x0xb0x’s pots. (Is there a convention for such things? One would think so.)

I’ve gone through only a small part of its features but so far it works the way it’s supposed to. I was somewhat startled to discover how badly it bogs down as you turn the Tempo knob. I suppose I could download the source code and try to fix it, but, well, there are things I’d rather do–like just using the thing, for example.

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